About Us

Advanced Focus Physiotherapy was created to provide a Premium Level Service, Offering High Quality, Rapid and Lasting Results, with the Professional and Effective Delivery of Physical Therapy.

It is our Goal To Help as Many People as Possible Return to Living Life Without Pain, Regain Strength and Mobility, and Get Back to Completing the Activities That Truly Make Life Enjoyable.

What We Do.

  • We do address the root cause of your pain or limitation.
  • We do come to your home or office, even hotel if on vacation.
  • We do take the time to truly listen to the needs, goals, and desires of the client.
  • We do our best to work around your schedule.
  • We do assess the person as a whole, not simply address one issue.
  • We do set realistic and achievable goals and expectations.
  • We do use evidence based and proven treatment methods.
  • We do provide manual therapy treatments to enhance movement and reduce pain.
  • We do follow all medical or post-op protocols to ensure client safety and progress.
  • We do educate clients on how to maintain their active lifestyle and remain as pain free as possible.

What We Do Not Do.

  • We do not give out false hope or set unrealistic expectations.
  • We do not allow clients to endlessly attend treatment sessions when no progress or compliance is being observed.
  • We do not give a list of exercises, then ignore what or how you are doing them.
  • We do not waste your time or money on things you can do on your own.
  • We do not limit treatment options based on insurance company restrictions.
  • We do not create plans of care or alter treatment sessions based on maximizing billing.

If You Have had Physical Therapy in the past, and Still Have Pain, or Feel You Could Have had a Better Outcome or a Greater Benefit from a Higher Level of Personalized Care And Attention, Please Contact Us, and Find Out How Much Better You Will Feel and Move When Therapy is Done The Way It Should Be.

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