Suffering with Back or Neck Pain?

Back and Neck Pain Can Occur at Any Age, at Any Time, and May Not be Due to What Would be Considered a Significant or Traumatic Incident.

As we age, Normal and Expected Changes Occur in Regard to Muscle Strength and Overall Activity and Endurance Levels.

However, what Most People Are Not Aware of, is the Relationship Between Reduced Strength, Reduced Activity Levels, Poor Movement Patterns, and the Resulting Increased Pain that just Doesn’t Seem to Improve.

They believe (Or Are Told) To Just Rest and Avoid Activity, Which is Usually the Worst Thing You Can Do!

It IS Also A Misconception that Back or Neck Pain Is Almost Always Directly Related to a Disc Problem.

While This CAN Be The Cause, IF a Truly Severe Herniation is Found With Imaging, it usually is not the True Root Cause Of Your Pain.

There is, Unfortunately, a Significant Population of Medical Professionals Incorrectly Assigning Complaints of Back or Neck Pain to a Disc Injury Based on Even The Most Mild of Imaging Abnormalities (As stated earlier, that are a very normal part of aging).

This Results In Sending Far Too Many People to Pain Clinics or Even Surgery, Only For Them To Continue To Have Either The Same Or Even Worse Pain Afterwards!

This is Both Terribly Frustrating For The Person Suffering, and To Those Of Us In The Field That Truly Care About improving people’s lives.

It Is Also One Of The Main Reasons This Company Was Created.

One of the Main Goals Of Advanced Focus Physiotherapy is To Help People Avoid Endless Medical System and Insurance Company Hoops/Paperwork, Trips To Multiple Doctors, Never Ending Pain Management (the prolonged use of drugs or multiple injections) Or Even Avoiding Unnecessary Surgery, As That Should Always Be The Option of Last Resort.

There Are Multiple Causes of Back and Neck Pain, Usually Due to Muscular Imbalance or Weakness in One Or More Areas.

These Can be Caused in a Multitude of Ways; Lack of Muscle Activity/Use, Straining to Move or Lift Moderate to Heavy items, Poor Technique or Body Position When Moving an Item (whether heavy or not), Illness That Results in Prolonged Bedrest or Lack of Movement, Injury To A Seemingly Unrelated Body Part That Causes Compensatory Use of Muscles, And Many Other Reasons.

The good news is That Most All Of These Actual Causes of Your Back And Neck Pain Are Very Treatable!

Our Treatment methods involve fully assessing the client’s overall condition, medical history, lifestyle before and after injury, discussing YOUR goals and reasons for completing therapy, and then directly focusing on the root cause of the pain.

This Is Done With A Combination Of Manual Treatment Methods And Specifically Prescribed Exercises, That We Fully Encourage Our Clients To Complete In Order To Meet Their Stated And Desired Goals.

We Do Not Waste Your Time With Hot/Cold Packs or E-Stim/T.E.N.S. Units, Not Because We Necessarily Believe There are No Benefits To Using These Modalities.

But They Do Tend To Offer Only a Temporary Benefit, Do Little If Anything To Actually Solve The True Problem And Cause Of Your Pain, and More Importantly, They Can Be Done On Your Own Time.

However, If a Client Requires Assistance To Set Up Their Own E-Stim/T.E.N.S Type Device, Or Has Questions About Knowing When, How, Whether To Use A Hot Or Cold Pack, Of Course We Will Gladly Help With That.

The Same Goes For Any Prescribed Stretches Or Exercises. They Should Be Specific, Targeted, And Adjusted as you progress, Not Generic And Blindly Given To Anyone and Everyone.

After All, Why Should You Pay For What You Can Do On Your Own?

**Free Tip—-Remember That Last Question If You Decide To Try A Traditional Clinic First, And Find Yourself Feeling Confused and On Your Own Frequently.**

If You Have any Questions, And Would Like To Speak Directly With The Owner Concerning Your Situation/Needs, Or If You’d Like to To See If You Would Be A Good Fit For Us, Please Click On The Link Below And Provide Us With A Little Bit Of Information About Yourself, And Tell Us How We Can Help You.

Thank you for visiting! We Look Forward to Helping You Get Your Life Back!

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