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Money Back Guarantee!

Our Exclusive Money Back Guarantee is Available for the First (3) Three Physical Therapy Appointments only (including the Initial Evaluation and following Two Treatment Sessions), and May be Initiated by Either the Client, or the Owner of Advanced Focus Physiotherapy.

We Understand there are times when, despite everyone’s Best Efforts, things just don’t seem to be a good match. That is why we offer a No Question Money Back Guarantee, which actually Benefits Both Parties.

First, it Helps Eliminate Anxiety and Financial Risk for You as the Client, Especially if You’ve Tried Therapy at Other Clinics That Did Not seem to Help. Second, it Allows Us to Ensure that You Will Truly be Able to Meet Your Desired Goals and if not, You are NOT Wasting Your Time and Money.

** Please note, this guarantee is not able to be used for treatment plans projected to be less than two weeks in length…because really…if we meet your goals that fast, aren’t we worth it? 😉

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