Home Health Therapy

Do You Prefer or Need Home Health Therapy Services? Are You or Your Family Member Unable/Unwilling to drive to multiple appointments? Do You Need to Know How Our Mobile/Concierge Therapy Services Will Benefit You? Did You Know that Physical Therapists Can Work with BOTH the Upper AND Lower Body? Have you tried using Home Therapy in the Past? Are You Having Trouble Finding a Quality Home Therapy Provider?


Well, You Are Not Alone if You Have Questions or are Confused When Researching Your Home Therapy Options. There Are Far Too Many People Portraying Themselves as Therapists in the Home Health Setting. You May Be Thinking, As Therapists, Why Would We Say This? How do We Know This to be True?

This Is Based on First Hand Conversations, Reports, and Observations From Both Those Receiving and Those Providing These Services.

Over the Years, We Have Talked to Many Therapists Working in the Home Health Setting. Hearing Them Describe What is Expected of Them…Time Constraints, Productivity Goals, Documentation Demands, etc…clearly demonstrates that, just as with Their In-Clinic Counterparts, Most Are Simply Unable to Provide High Quality Care to Their Clients, Due to the Profitability Goals of the Company They Work For. Whether They Are Willing and Knowledgeable Enough To Provide Better Care Matters Little, as They Simply Cannot Provide The Time Required Due to Their Busy and Hectic Schedules.

During These Same Years, We Have Worked With Hundreds of People That Were Unfortunate Enough to Have Had Poor Home Health Therapy Treatment. Whether it Was For Post Surgery/Joint Replacement Rehab, Strength and Mobility Training, or For Neurologic Conditions, We Were Consistently Hearing The Same Things…

  • “They Didn’t Do Anything.”
  • “They Never Showed Up.”
  • “They Wouldn’t Listen to Me.”
  • “I Did The Same Thing Every Visit.”
  • “I Don’t Feel Like I Made Any Progress.”
  • and THE WORST of all…
  • “They Made It (pain or condition) Worse.”
  • “I Had To Go Back to my MD Because of Them.”

This Doesn’t Even Consider the High Number of Untrained, Unlicensed, and Uninsured Caregivers/Aides That Attempt to Provide Physical Therapy. Whether the Person/Family is; Unaware of Quality Mobile Therapy Services such as ours, Has Little or No Insurance Coverage for Physical Therapy, Is Unable or Unwilling to Go to Traditional Clinics, Trying to Save Money, or if The Person Attempting to Provide the Service is Trying to Make Extra Money, Most Often Further Decline Or Even Additional Injury is the End Result for the Person/Client.

There is Absolutely No Excuse For People to Be Experiencing These Situations! As Therapists, Just As With Any Other Medical Field, One of The First Goals Is To Do No Harm, Which Includes Not Providing Subpar, Unprofessional Care.

It is Truly Frustrating to Those of Us That Strive to Provide Maximum Benefit to Our Clients to Hear These Stories. You, or Your Loved Ones, Will Surely Benefit From the High Quality Therapy and Personalized Attention Advanced Focus Physiotherapy Offers.

Please Contact Us using the button below, and Explain What Your Needs Are. If For Some Reason We Feel We Cannot Help You, We Will Be Glad to Try and Assist You in Finding The Right Provider For Your Situation. Thank You For Taking The Time to Check Us Out!

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