Time…YOU Only Have So Much. 

When YOU Need to Feel or Perform Better Quickly, Give Us a Call.  Our One-to-One Approach to Your Therapy and Training Needs Will Get You Going, and Back To What YOU Want or Need To Do. 

No Matter the Goal…Recreational/Sport Activities, Work Related Issues, Taking Care of the Yard/House, Attending and Enjoying Social Activities, Being Able to Take a Trip, or if You just Need More Energy and Less Pain, Let Us Help YOU! 

Physical Therapy

Our Team is Focused on YOU AND ONLY YOU, During Your Physical Therapy Sessions, With Sessions Provided At Your Home, Office, or even hotel if in the area on vacation!

This is Very Different From Typical Settings Where Such Time Is Often Limited, IF Even Offered At All. Many Therapists now Regularly See 2, 3, even 4 Patients at One Time, Despite the Clear Need For More Focused Treatment!

There is No Question that the Quality of Treatment Provided Suffers As a Result of This Type of “billing mill” Setup, and Truth Be Told, Most Therapists Working in Those Offices Do Not Agree With The Process.

Unfortunately, Those Offices Are Simply Unable to Provide Consistent High Quality Care. Why? Because the Traditional Insurance Model is Constantly Decreasing Coverage/Reimbursement, Forcing Traditional Clinics to Increase Caseload in order to maintain profit goals.

We Have Chosen To Break Away From This Failing System, and Provide The Treatments That Are Truly Necessary In Order To Achieve The Outcomes people Need, Desire, and Deserve!

Whether Physical Therapy is Needed After an Injury, Surgery, or Illness, You Deserve Personal Attention, Quality Evaluations and Treatments, and a Full Focus On Regaining Your Function, Strength, and Mobility.

After All, You Have to Get Back To Living Life, not worrying about how to fit multiple therapy sessions per week into your schedule for months.

We generally Will Not Need to See You More Than Once or Twice per week. You Will Likely Have some “homework” to Help You Get Better and Stay Better.

No Matter the Location You Desire, our Goal And Focus Remains The Same:

  • Reducing Your Pain
  • Improving Your Strength/Mobility/Balance
  • Ensuring You Are as Safe as Possible
  • Educating You on How To Avoid Re-injury
  • Returning You Back to Living Your Life, Often Even Better Than Before!

We Promise To Do Our Best For You, So You Can Get Your Life Back!

Personal Training

We Provide Personal Training Services as well, With The Same Client Centered and Customized Focus Our Physical Therapy Clients Receive.

If an Injury or Prolonged Illness Has Gotten You Off Track with Your Workouts, Let Us Help Get You Back To Your Routine And Making Progress. Training Can Also Be Done at Your Home or local Gym.

If Needed, We Can Discuss Your Injury or Weak Areas With Your Regular Personal Trainer To See If Physical Therapy May Actually Be More Beneficial To Getting You Back On Track. And Yes, There IS a Difference!

Wellness Consultation

Wellness Consultations Include Helping You Find Ways To Improve Your Life Outside of Therapy or Training.

Problems That You May Not Notice Yourself Can Be Identified by Simply Having an Unbiased Observation of the Situation or Home Environment. Whether it is Safety Around the Home, Diet or Lifestyle Related, Stress Management, or Simple Organization and Scheduling Adjustments That May Need to be Made, We Can Help.

Sometimes an Extra Set Of Eyes is All That’s Needed To Help Make Life Safer, Easier and More Manageable. Help Yourself, or Your Loved Ones If Experiencing Unnecessary Difficulty With Daily Activities!

Become a Preferred Member of AFP!

After We Get You Back To Where You Want To Be, perhaps You Would Like Immediate Access to Us at Any Time, Throughout the Year, Whether In Pain/Injured Or Not?

Discover how Becoming a Preferred Member of Advanced Focus Physiotherapy Will Benefit You!

  • Discounted rates on Physical Therapy Evaluation and Sessions
  • Unlimited e-mails Directly to the Owner of Advanced Focus Physiotherapy
  • Up to 60 Minutes of Live Phone Contact Every Month if Needed (with Telehealth planning to be offered in the future!)
  • Preferred Appointment Scheduling When Needed
  • Free Assistance with Developing or Adjusting a Home Exercise Plan or Gym Routine
  • Free Advice on Gym/Exercise Equipment, Whether it be for Using It Safely or For Home Purchases.

Get the Peace of Mind You and Your Family Need For When Life Throws You A Curveball!

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